ESG ETFs Database

We have gathered the ETFs with the best ESG ratings according to MSCI and Some of those ESG ETF have a been already reviewed by Your Green Wealth and can be found at the respective link in the long list at the bottom of this page.

The best ESG ETFs from MSCI receive a ‘AAA’ or ‘AA’. Fossil Free Funds gives a ‘A’ for those ETFs with zero exposure to fossil fuels.

Bellow we explain in detail MSCI and Fossil Free Funds metrics:

MSCI ESG Metrics

MSCI ESG Fund Rating: Each ETF receives a rating on a scale from CCC (laggard) to AAA (leader). According to MSCI, “the rating is based first on the weighted average score of the holdings of the fund or ETF. We then assess ESG momentum to gain insight into the fund’s ESG track record, which is designed to indicate a fund’s exposure to holdings with a positive rating trend or worsening trend year over year. Finally, we review the ESG tail risk to understand the fund’s exposure to holdings with worst-of-class ESG Ratings of B and CCC.”

msci scale - ESG ETFs Database

MSCI ESG Quality Score is calcualted using the weighted average ESG score of fund holdings. The score reflects the ETF exposure and management of ESG risks and opportunities. It goes from 0 (worst) to 10 (best-in-class).

ESG scores - ESG ETFs Database

Global rank: reflects the perecentile within the global universe of approximately 34,000 funds

Carbon Intensity or Weighted Average Carbon Intensity: Measures a fund’s exposure to carbon-intensive companies. Represents the estimated greenhouse gas emissions per USD 1 million in sales across the fund’s holdings, or tCO2e/M$ sales.

Fossil Free Funds Metrics

FFF Rating: Ratings from Fossil Free Funds. Funds are graded from A to F, based on their total fossil fuel exposure, measured as the percent of fund assets invested in holdings.

  • A: Fund fossil fuel exposure is 0%
  • B: Fossil fuel exposure between 0% and 3%
  • C: Fossil fuel exposure between 3% and 5.5%
  • D: Fossil fuel exposure between 5.5% and 9%
  • F: Fossil fuel exposure between 9% and 100%

Brown revenue (%): reflects the amount of revenue generated from brown sources (e.g. thermal coal)

TER (%): Total Expense Ration is a measure of the total costs associated with managing and operating an investment fund, such as a ETF. These costs include mainly management fees and and other operational expenses.

YGW ESG ETFs Database

Below is the long list of ESG ETFs, carefully selected by Your Green Wealth:

ETF ListLinkProviderDomicileMSCI ESG RatingMSCI ESG ScoreGlobal rankCarbon IntensityFFF RatingBrown rev. (%)TER (%)
iShares:Gl Cl EnergyICLNiSharesUSAAA6.9992328.2F3.80.42
Frst Tr:NASDAQ CE GreenQCLNFirst TrustUSA6.3845181.4A0.60.6
Frst Tr II:Global WindFANFirst TrustUSAA7.3180815.4F9.20.6
Invesco WldHill CEPBWInvescoUSA-42169.3A0.10.61
Invesco MSCI Sus FutERTHInvescoUSAA-55220.7B0.20.61
Invesco Gl Cln EnPBDInvescoUSA6.5342169.3A0.10.75
Invesco SolarTANInvescoUSAA6.3856315.3B0.30.65
Lyx MSCI NewEngyESGFltrdDRETFDNRJLyx MEUAAA-100121.5-10.6
Vanguard FTSE Social Index FundVFTAXVanguard-AA-7158.6B0.10.14
Vanguard ESG US StockESGVVanguardUSAA5.126664.9B0.20.09
Vanguard ESG Intl StockVSGXVanguardUSAA6.8481126B0.20.12
iShs MSCI Wld SRI ETF EURSUSWiSharesEUAAA9.019156.9-0.40.2
iShs MSCI US SRI ETF USD SUASiSharesEUAA8.58556.8-0.50.2
iShs MSCI Europ SRI ETF EIESEiSharesEUAA9.49564.7-0.30.2
iShares:MSCI JapanEWJiSharesUSAA7.517971.9-0.90.5
iSh Sust MSCI EM SRI UCITS SUSMiSharesEUAAA8.685124.7-0.10.25
iShares:MSCI Glbl SDGsSDGiSharesUSAA7.3472211.3B0.20.49
iShares:MSCI KLD 400 SocDSIiSharesUSAA6.26068.6C0.40.25
Nuveen ESG Large-Cap GroNULGNuveen USAA6.98426.2A0.20.34
Nuveen ESG Mid-Cap GroNUMGNuveen USAAA7.736727.3A0.90.39
Chg Fin US Lrg Cp FF FrCHGXChange FinanceUSAA5.794828.1A00.49
US Vegan ClimateVEGNBeyond InvestingUSAA5.467033.4A00.6
iShares:MSCI ACWI Low CTCRBNiSharesUSAA5.867158.9C0.60.2
SPDR S&P 500 Foss Fl ResSPYXSPDRUSAA5.2869121.2C10.2
VanEck:Low Carbon EnergySMOGVan EckUSAA7.0653464.5C6.80.62
iShares:Gl TimberWOODiSharesUSAA7.7755277.5A00.43
Invesco MSCI Gl TmbrCUTInvescoUSAA7.5659355.4A00.6
iShares:MSCI Gl Agri ProVEGIiSharesUSAA6.0577363.6A00.39
VanEck:AgribusinessMOOVan EckUSAAA6.6491295.1A00.55
iS Agribusiness UCITS ETFSPAGiSharesEUAAA-90391.7-00.55
Rize Sust Future of FoodUEUSDAFOODRizeEUAA-60160.5-00.45
Invesco Water ResPHOInvescoUSAAA6.9710079.1A00.6
Invesco Gl WaterPIOInvescoUSAAA7.7196100.2B0.40.75
Invesco S&P Gl WtrCGWInvescoUSAAA7.0590174.8C0.30.57
Frst Tr:WaterFIWFirst TrustUSAAA6.6394117.5C0.10.54
Ecofin Global Water ESGEBLUEcofin USAAA7.5797150.4A0.30.4
iShs Global Water ETF USD DIH2OiShs GlEUAAA990174.7-0.30.65
L&G Clean Water UCITS ETF USDAGLUGL&G EUAAA-87103.3-0.10.49
Lyx MSCI Wtr ESG Fltrd DR ETWATULyx MEUAAA5.994232.3-0.20.6
BNP Paribas BlueEcon. UCITSBJLEBNP ParibasEUAA-75303.4-20.3
iShares ESG Aware 1-5 Year USD Corp. Bond ETFSUSBiSharesUSAAA10100123.6-2.90.12
SPDR Bloomberg SASB Corp. Bond ESG Select ETFRBNDSPDR USAAA7.595206.6-30.12
iShares ESG Aware USD Corp. Bond ETFSUSCiSharesUSAAA8.788175.2-3.90.18
Xtrackers Bloomberg Barclays US Invest. Grade Corp. ESG ETFESCRXtrackerUSAAA7.196124.2-10.15
iShares Global Green Bond ETFBGRNiSharesUSAA7.870435.7-3.30.2
iShares:ESG Adv MSCI USAUSXFiSharesUSAAA9.19264.3A00.1
iShares:ESG Adv MSCI EAFDMXFiSharesUSAAA9.69669.1B00.12
iShares:ESG Adv MSCI EMEMXFiSharesUSAAA8.786123.8A00.16
Vanguard Global ESG Select Stock Fund;InvestorVEIGXVanguard-AAA-9752.5B0.60.16
iShares:ESG A MSCI EAFEESGDiSharesUSAAA7.949796.8-3.31.16
BlackRock:World xUS CTRLCTDiSharesUSAAA9.6296104-2.42.16
iShares:MSCI USA ESG SelSUSAiSharesUSAAA9.249445.4-0.53.16
iShares:ESG A MSCI USAESGUiSharesUSAAA8.718793-2.44.16
iShares:ESG A MSCI EMESGEiSharesUSAA8.685172-2.75.16
iShares:ESG MSCI USA LdrSUSLiSharesUSAA8.388260.1-0.56.16
iShares MSCI Japan SRI USD AccSUJPiSharesEUAAA1010055.8-07.16
iShares MSCI UK IMI ESG LeadersUKELiSharesEUAAA109899.1-0.78.16
iShares MSCI Japan SRI EUR HedgedSUJSiSharesEUAAA9.9710099.1-09.16
iShares MSCI EMU ESG EnhancedEDM4iSharesEUAAA9.8598108.4-2.510.16
iShares MSCI Europe ESG EnhancedEDM6iSharesEUAAA9.659692.8-3.311.16
iShares MSCI EMU SRI EUR AccSMUAiSharesEUAAA9.589691.7-0.712.16
iShares Edge MSCI Europe Min. Vol. ESGMVLDiSharesEUAAA9.5296100.76-0.713.16
iShares MSCI EMU Paris-Aligned ClimateEMPAiSharesEUAAA9.479562.7-0.414.16
iShares MSCI World ESG Enhanced UCITSEDMWiSharesEUAAA9.469596-215.16
iShrMSCI EMU ESG UCITS EUR AccSAUMiSharesEUAAA9.4295124.5-2.716.16
iShs MSCI Europ SRI ETF EUR AIESGiSharesEUAAA9.49584.7-0.317.16

Last update: Q1-2022

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